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MJH Multi is the specialist, multi-residential construction company within the MJH Group of companies.

Spearheaded by McDonald Jones Homes, one of Australia’s largest new home builders, the MJH Group is a leader in residential building across its key markets of NSW, Queensland, the ACT, South Australia and Tasmania. With McDonald Jones Homes completing in excess of 2,000 new homes per year, MJH Multi can call on the Group’s impressive buying power and vast pool of resources and skills to deliver on any size multi-residential project.

The MJH Story – from humble beginnings to industry leader

When Bill McDonald, then a licensed carpenter, set out in 1987 to create a business which built people’s dream homes, he had no inkling the company would grow to be one of Australia’s leading, new home building groups. Thanks to the commitment and relentless passion of Bill and fellow company Director, Andrew Helmers, the MJH Group has grown from early beginnings as a new home building business in the NSW Hunter Region, to today being recognised as one of Australia’s most well-known and respected project home, multi-residential and investment property building companies.

The MJH Group comprises ten businesses which are leading the way for new home building in the NSW market, as well as making a significant impact in the greater Canberra region and providing something fresh and new which is rejuvenating the Queensland, South Australian and Tasmanian industries. Our goal is to continue to set the benchmark in residential design and construction and to work as a cohesive and integrated team to drive forward and evolve the new home market across every geographic area and building segment in which we operate. Our people, both internal and external, are and always will be at the heart of everything we do.

As a recognised employer of choice, the MJH Group employs more than 900 of the industry’s brightest and best and engages around 3,000 contractors and tradespeople to help turn our customer’s dream homes and investments into a reality. While our businesses differ, the expertise and insight of our employees ensure we deliver inspiring designs and quality craftsmanship in every instance. This, in turn, allows us to generously share our success and resources through charitable and community initiatives.

If there is one thing we understand at MJH Group, it’s that our customers are the future of our business and are central to everything we do. We are passionate about building homes around people, not the other way around, and providing superior housing solutions while also taking our customer’s on a unique building journey. While we are focused on creating the best results for our customers today, we are also striving to continue to excel and evolve our Group so we can lead the building sector of tomorrow.

The MJH Group is not just in the new home building industry; we are in the business of realising the dreams of Australian families. From architecturally designed first homes to luxurious residences, from multi-residential projects to investment properties, the MJH Group has grown and evolved to offer a range of building services which cater to diverse needs, goals and budgets.

We operate eight businesses across NSW, the greater Canberra Region, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania, each providing a unique scope of services and products for our customers; however each business functions under the overarching values and philosophy which guides the entire MJH Group.

McDonald Jones Homes – leading the way in new home building in NSW, Queensland and the greater Canberra region, multi award winner, McDonald Jones Homes, is well known for building inspiring and innovative architecturally designed homes to suit a range of lifestyles, needs, budgets and locations. The company has also changed the face of the new home building market through the use of steel frames. Find out more...

Mojo Homes – Mojo is a breath of fresh air in the new home building sector, offering cutting-edge, modern home designs throughout NSW which not only inspire but also complement the unique ways families love to live, encouraging them to live passionately and embrace life. Find out more...

Brighton Homes – as one of Brisbane's most innovative builders, Brighton Homes offers a collection of home designs that you can move through as easily as the summer breeze does. Find out more...

Brighton Projects - is the specialist multi-residential building section of Brighton Homes. Building multi-residential projects for developers across South East Queensland. Discover more...

MJH Multi – as a specialist multi-residential building company, MJH Multi builds a variety of exceptional and affordable low and medium density residential projects for private and corporate developers, as well as for government instrumentalities, throughout NSW.

Wilson Homes – Wilson Homes is Tasmania’s most respected and trusted new home builder, offering outstanding customer service and a range of high quality home designs at a price which easily fits their customer’s pockets. Find out more...

Complete by McDonald Jones – specialising in the construction of stylish spec homes across NSW, Complete is providing more certainty and accessibly for people looking to move into a new home sooner. Offering ready built homes in popular developments Complete is providing an alternate to existing built form homes, allowing residents to move in and start living straight away. Find out more…

Weeks Building Group - Weeks have been building homes for South Australians for over 30 years. With an unwavering commitment to providing more value, service and quality they create homes where people and families come together to make memories that will last a lifetime. Weeks industry experience allows them to consistently build homes of the highest calibre. Find out more…

MyChoice Design Studios – our state-of-the-art MyChoice Design Studios provide a convenient one-stop shop through which our customers can select the colours, fixtures and finishes for their new home. Here, our expert Interior Design Team is able to make our customer’s home truly unique and reflective of their individual personality, taste and style.

MyChoice Home Loans – designed to make securing the funds to build a home easy, enjoyable and uncomplicated, MyChoice Home Loans has access to loans from a wide range of lenders to ensure the best loan to suit individual requirements. Our expertise and experience in the construction industry means our loan specialists understand every aspect of funding a new home.

MJH Multi is the multi-residential building company specialist within the MJH Group. We build exceptional and affordable low and medium density residential properties for Private and Corporate Developers.

As part of the MJH Group which is aligned with Asahi Kasei Homes, one of Japan’s leading building company’s, MJH Multi has access to cutting edge building products and innovative building ideas.

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MJH Multi specialises in the design, project management and construction of a range of low to medium density residential projects and community facilities. Take a look at our current and completed projects to discover more about the scale and quality of the work we produce.