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Supporting all-inclusive communities


Thanks to MJH Multi and their stakeholders, the charitable foundation Touched By Olivia (TBO) is over $100,000 closer to building another 'Livvi's Place' all-inclusive playspace at Marsden Park.

The funds were raised through the support of MJH Multi’s suppliers, trades and team. General Manager Ben Mathers explained that the generosity of their suppliers and trades combined with the McDonald Jones Charitable Foundation  also contributed $20,000 which enabled them to meet their target.

“Our suppliers and subcontractors understand that MJH Multi is more than just a builder, we’re about changing and enhancing lives. It’s fantastic to have such a great team surround us with the same values,” Mr Mathers said.

The funds raised will contribute towards the installation of an all-inclusive park constructed opposite MD2 that will be able to cater for children with accessibility challenges for many years to come.

Barbecues were also held in addition to fundraising efforts to provide awareness of TBO and as a chance to get all the subcontractors together.

Catered by Elara’s Livvi’s Cafe, the teams celebrated their joint efforts at Stockland’s Azure project at Elara on Friday, 22 September. Mr Mathers presented the $100,250 cheque to TBO’s executive officer Bec Ho who was extremely grateful for the donation.

Mr Mathers added that the staff at MJH Multi are committed to delivering the best construction and lifestyle outcomes for all stakeholders.

“We are whole-heartedly driven to build quality communities and shared spaces that can be enjoyed by all,” Mr Mathers said.

MJH Multi support various initiatives and charities each year in line with their business values. Learn more about their initiatives.

Above (l-r): MJH Multi: Ben Mathers, TBO: Bec Ho

Above: (l-r) TBO: Bec Ho, Cathie Collins, Alice Croxson, Diana Seabra, Daniel Govier, Stockland: Ken Franklin, MJH Multi: Ben Mathers