The MJH Multi team calls on a wealth of experience and expertise to consistently exceed customer expectations in the design, project management, construction and delivery of multi-residential housing. 

Our unparalleled, certified management systems optimise construction timeframes, environmental and health and safety outcomes, build price and quality. The result is a reduction in both risk and workload for our client’s project management teams.

Operating throughout NSW, MJH Multi delivers high quality, low and medium density multi-unit housing projects and community facilities for government, institutional and corporate developers. Projects include: villas and townhouses; residential estate building; defence, social and investor housing; and retirement village independent living units.

At MJH Multi, we establish open and honest partnerships with our clients to ensure project risks are minimised and best value, cost-controlled, quality outcomes are delivered for you and your future residents. We will work with you to add value at every stage of the project, from initial design review and value management throughout construction, all the way to handover and on to maintenance. Our partnership will deliver well built, dynamic residential communities on time and on budget.

Proudly supported by the NEX Building Group, MJH Multi is the ideal, low risk partner of choice for leaders in the multi-residential property development industry, due to our cutting edge building products and innovative building ideas.

What sets us apart?

  1. Construction Timeframes – we consistently deliver within agreed timeframes.
  2. Value - our aim is to bring added value to your project.  
  3. Problem solving – we proactively work with our clients to ease their workload, saving time and money.
  4. Accredited quality, environmental and WHS management systems – our certified management systems are designed specifically for multi-residential projects, not just modified from those used for other types of developments. All our management systems are continually audited both internally and externally.


     The ISO certifications apply only to MJH Multi Pty Ltd.

  5. Experience - our team has a wealth of experience and expertise to met your every expectation. 
  6. Buying power and financial strength - we are part of the NEX Building Group, one of Australia's largest residential building groups.
  7. Customer Care - we are committed to providing a first class post occupancy experience for your residents.
  8. Reputation – our reputation is everything to us and we will work with you to ensure it is even further enhanced.
  9. Vertical Intergration

Our promise to you 

MJH Multi’s overall project delivery approach is designed to deliver:

  • Expertly designed and skilfully constructed, high quality housing which will create a dynamic residential community, achieving or exceeding all project objectives.
  • Proactive, professional, respectful and honest communication with our client and their future (or existing) residents.
  • Shared values and culture on achieving the highest level of safety, quality, design, project delivery and customer service.
  • The many benefits which come from working with one of Australia’s largest residential builders including leveraging our substantial buying power and accessing comprehensive internal and external resources to deliver on time and on budget.
  • Value management initiatives throughout the design and construction of the project to meet budgetary targets.
  • Innovative construction programming and methodologies which ensure fast delivery of the project within agreed timeframes.
  • Homes which are well built and tailored to meet the target market needs and in compliance with the various Australian Standards and Building Codes.
  • Professional project managers, site managers and construction staff who have proven skills and accredited quality and environmental management systems to deliver your project in a way which reduces project risk and workload for your project management team. This results in a highly constructive working environment and an overall rewarding experience for all parties.
  • Incident and injury free work environment under certified and audited management systems in compliance with AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health & Safety.
  • Strong supply chain partnering – subcontractors are carefully selected for their willingness to work within a collaborative framework and for their local and relevant multi-residential project experience.


At MJH Multi, we are passionate about helping deliver the highest quality in every project through integrity, partnership and trust.

We are dedicated to achieving our clients’ ambitions through utilising our world-class construction management systems, combined with our love for providing our clients with expertise and advice.

Our commitment to the smooth and efficient delivery of every build is backed by our organistations ethos to be driven by energy, passion and knowledge.

Ben Mathers

General Manager, NSW, MJH Multi

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